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Yeah yeah, enough of the iPod nano news, right? Well, too bad, here's another one for ya. Since the main reason everyone seems to be harping on about the nano is its oh-so-purdy aesthetic, this invisibleSHIELD full-body wrap offers protection for the nano while showing it off. There's this demo video you can watch with them going at the case with a pen and a key, to show how scratch-resistant it is. Which is good, since word is the black nano seems to be more prone to smudges and scratches than previous iPods. Each invisibleSHIELD for the nano is $19.95.

Update: This is likely based on a product from 3M called ScotchCal, which can be purchased online in large sheets and cut to one's liking for use on cell phones, or whatever. It even comes in colors.. It's often used to protect automobiles from paint and rock dings as an invisible "bra"... see Webbikeworld for more details...been protecting iPods and various tech goodies this way for years! A google search for ScotchCal will get you several hits. I've used [Thanks Dan!]


Product Page [invisibleSHIELD via Playlist]