Is Google's Nexus Q 'Necessary but Overwrought?'

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After the announcement of Google's Nexus Q media streamer, our good friend and former Gizmodo chief Brian Lam had an interesting thought: the Nexus Q is necessary, but too overblown for the audience its trying to capture. Does that seem reasonable or crazy to you? [Twitter]

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Its just overpriced. I like the design, I like the functionality, but they could have saved some cost on the internals and brought the price down to a more amicable $200 or even $150. Lets see... NFC could have been removed, as could the audio amp. All it needed was optical + stereo out and 95% of the buyers would have been happy. Those things put together don't make $100 of course, but I think they let the engineers run with this and then the marketing and business people kinda went "crap... its more expensive than we thought..." I'm all for engineers leading design (being an engineer myself...) but engineers dream big and normally don't dream with a sane budget in mind.