Is Hulu Coming to Xbox 360?

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Olivia Munn, geek goddess of Attack of the Show, posted an interesting tweet last night. "Just finished promos for hulu/microsoft event I'm doing on june 8!" Just what hulu/Microsoft event could she be referring to? UPDATE


To us, it seems likely that this event is supporting a Hulu on Xbox 360 announcement coming at E3. Why? Because Hulu on the 360 makes a lot of sense. Quite simply, it's the best internet service you can bring to a TV. So if Microsoft were to pick just one piece of internet entertainment to offer Xboxers (and with no web browser, they need to pick and choose), Hulu (and maybe YouTube) would be top on the list.

Also note that in Europe, Microsoft is supporting the Sky Player. It's a media content service somewhat like hulu but with support for live shows. And it's being integrated right into the XMB. We could see hulu arrive to the platform in a very similar manner. (So it'll probably look a bit different from our tongue-in-cheek artist's rendering.)

But the biggest reason that we're betting on Hulu 360 is because Microsoft's Shane Kim admitted months ago that the company was investigating Hulu connectivity on the platform. So don't be surprised if we hear more next week at E3. Microsoft's press conference is on Monday and we'll be there liveblogging. [Thanks Jake!]

UPDATE: It appears Munn will just be promoting Microsoft's Bing. I don't know that the lack of Munn confirmation completely kills the possibility that Hulu could make its way to the Xbox at E3, however.



tversity pro runs hulu to the 360 just fine. the only problem is that you have to have something in your queue to watch it. i honestly use tversity for all my media streaming and i couldn't be happier.