Is It Mathematically Possible to Run Out of New Music?

If you think music repeats itself and that some songs sound exactly the freaking same, there could be a reason for that (well, other than piss poor artists being gobbled up by the machine): there's a finite limitation on how different songs can be. There is? Yep, says MATH.

The thinking is that there are a finite number of tones our ears can distinguished and a few notes in common in different songs can make the song sound similar. So will we ever reach a point where every melody has been recorded already? Watch the video and let math figure it out for you. [YouTube]

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The Artgineer

If I ever get my hands on a few spare millions/billions/trillions dollars, I plan on building some kind of system that will lay out English words in every way possible in 5000 word texts at first, and incrementally if I live long enough. Another system will read the results and single out intelligible parts before being filed and filtered by computers and humans.

Eventually I'll have everything that was, is, and will be, on paper. If I'm lucky, I might come up with infinite energy sources or other inestimable knowledge quite easily.