Is It Possible To Fart Your Way Across Space?

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Don’t tell me you having thought about it. It’s only natural to think about the expulsion of your bodily gas as a rocket launch and then imagine what it’d be like in space. At least that’s why I tell myself. But could it actual propel you? Yes and no.

As PBS’s Space Time explains, your farts could push you through the great abyss. They’d have to; it’s just physics. But even the most prolific farter would be hard pressed to toot their way to anywhere in less than several hundred years. The better solution? Peein’. So just keep that in mind the next time you’re floating just a few too many meters from the ISS and need to dodge a deadly cloud of space debris. And stay hydrated.

[PBS Space Time]

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A question I have always pondered: What would a subwoofer do in space?