Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt Too Old To Play Spidey? Marc Webb May Not Think So

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Admit it, Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be a dream Spider-Man. Still, when his recent director Marc Webb was picked to reboot the franchise, we hardly dared hope the 28-year-old would get cast as teen Peter Parker. But there's still a chance.


While chatting with MTV JGL expressed great happiness that his past director from 500 Days of Summer landed the Spider-Man gig. But when asked if Webb asked him to play Peter Parker, JGL, didn't really answer the question.

"I've had some really cool conversations about what he wants to do with it, and I think it's going to be a really good movie."


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We'd love to see JGL don the Spidey suit, but he is 28, and by the time this film goes into production, one can easily assume that he'll most likely be pushing 30. And even though he still has the fresh face of youth on his side, who knows if playing a teenager from the rumored Ultimate Spider-Man storyline is something this actor would even want? But we're still holding out hope.