Is LG's New OLED Table Lamp Really the Future of Lighting?

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You're probably familiar with LG's cutting edge curved OLED TVs, but the company is taking the technology in a new direction. At the Light+Building trade show in Frankfurt, LG unveiled an OLED table lamp. It's a little bit ugly—okay, a lot ugly—but the technology bears some exciting implications.


For one, this OLED table lamp comes with app functionality. This means you can control the lamp with your iPhone or Android device and adjust the lighting based on your needs. It's not the first lamp with such capabilities, of course, and it's actually not the first OLED lamp. However, it is the first time we've seen a major company like LG throw their hat in the OLED lighting business.

The larger possibilities that OLED lighting offers are exciting as hell. Take, for instance, the British company Lomox who's been working on a hyper-efficient OLED wallpaper that can be manufactured cheaply in sheets and replace our energy-hogging incandescent lamps. Again, it's all very promising—even if, for now, it's pretty ugly. And now that LG's in the game, OLED lighting looks like it's moving towards the mainstream. [CNET]


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Or just have strips of oled or led built into baseboards and crown molding.