Is Nov 17 Cingular's BlackBerry Pearl Release Date?

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Just heresay for now, but Nov. 17 seems as likely a day for Cingular to release the BlackBerry Pearl as any other.

I almost killed my black berry about 20min ago and called cingular to help me fix it, which they did. But i was talking to to service lady about the pearl and how i have been waiting for it but i didnt know why cingular was going to get it, blah blah blah. She replied by telling me it should be out on NOV 17 if not earlier!!!! Dont know if this is out there yet or if she was just pulling my leg but then she went into talking about how that there should be a lot of people getting it because its right before the holidays and everything.


If you're interested in the Pearl, take a look at some shots, our Frankenreview, and the official condensed review. It's a pretty good phone that would be a great phone if it had a better keyboard.

Thanks Brian!

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