Is that an electric scooter in your trunk or are you just happy to see...

Oh, I see. Ahem. It's just a scooter.

The entire package (ha!) is called the McCar, and it's actually a concept developed Geely, the Chinese company that owns Volvo, and was on display at the Shanghai Motor Show.


If it ever exits the concept stage and becomes available for public consumption, McCar will arrive in two flavors: Small and coffin.

I kid the tiny car. In reality, there will be a fully electric model with a 93-mile range, and a hybrid for people who haven't yet decided they want to support this whole burgeoning electric car movement thing and only half care about the environment.

The scooter has a range of about 18 miles and can be swapped out for an electric wheelchair. Convenient! Also, adorable. Here's hoping the little guy exits the design and concept arena and hits the market, complete with a substantial roll cage. [Born Rich via DVICE]


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