Is the indestructible hockey puck bullet proof?

Adamantium aside, the hockey puck is the strongest material on Earth. That’s only a little bit of an exaggeration since we’ve seen it survive liquid nitrogen, take on the vaunted red hot nickel ball and even put up a respectable fight against thermite. But is the puck bulletproof? Should we just wear hockey puck bulletproof vests now?


Well, no. Though the hockey puck can deal well with extreme cold and extreme hot, it gets pierced pretty easily by a gun. Watch as TAOFLEDERMAUS shows us that even a 9mm bullet and a shotgun slug can beat the puck.

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So no on that puck armor then...


Armor: 75

Blunt: 52

Slash: 43

Pierce: 6

Resist: Fire, Ice

Magic: ?/?