Is The Punisher Jumping On The Zombie Bandwagon?

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Marvel Comics have released a new teaser image for their The Punisher series that suggests that something reanimated may be in store for everyone's favorite urban vigilante. Click through to see more, but be warned: spoilers may be implied.

The image was released with the following text:

Frankencastle: It's Punisher Like You've Never Seen Him Before. November 2009.

The "Rest In Pieces" logo at the top of the image means that the image ties into the "Rest In Pieces" storyline launching in Punisher #8 later this month and promising, in the words of Marvel's PR,

the most dramatic changes ever to the Punisher [as] Dark Wolverine faces off against Frank Castle and the Punisher's (after)life is altered forever!


Are we really headed for the days of a Frankensteined Frank Castle? And if we are, is it really more dramatic than when he was some kind of supernatural vigilante angel?