Is the Xbox 360 Motion-Sensing Tech Really ZCam's System?

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We've heard the rumors about Microsoft's Wii-killing, motion-sensing Xbox 360 add-on set to debut at E3, but the Ars Technica crew thinks they got a hands on with it—15 months ago.

Ars thinks that the new tech is actually based on the ZCam 3D camera that we covered way back in December of 2007, a company that was later purchased by, you guessed it, Microsoft.


It seems like pretty good news if true, because Ars was impressed with the tech when they did a hands-on with it back in January of 2008. Microsoft has had a long time to work with it since then, so if it was good 15 months ago it's probably a lot better now. It all makes a lot of sense to us, but we'll have to wait and see how accurate all this conjecture is until E3 next month. [3DV via Ars Technica]

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As much fun as wii games are for 15 minutes, I don't see this technology really catching on until there is a tremendous degree of accuracy with the use of motion sensing controls.

I get horked off if I can't get the controls on a FPS to accurately get me a head shot, so why should I expect anything less from a new type of control system?