Is There Any Point to the World's First Wireless USB Drive?

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I get that it is cool technology, but I don't get the Imation Pro WX. It's the world's first Wireless USB disk drive, sure, but there are already drives that are Wi-Fi enabled. So, how is this different?

Imation argues that, by providing a one-to-one connection over the air, the Pro WX Wireless USB hard drive "limits the possibility of signal interception." That's a pretty vague claim to me. They also argue that it works like any other USB drive, although it only transfers data at 15 megabytes per second. That's not too fast compared to a Network Attached Storage drive over Wi-Fi.


And then, even while you don't have to connect it to the computer with a cable, you have to plug in a USB key. So why not just leave a regular drive on the desk, and plug the cable for a better transfer rate at a much cheaper price? And if you want wireless, why don't get a drive that is Wi-Fi enabled?

The only good argument for the Pro WX is simplicity: You don't need to connect to a server using the network, the drive just pops up in your desktop. But then again, connect to a networked drive is not that difficult. Certainly, not difficult enough to pay the $500 that this 1.5TB drive costs. [Press Release]