Is There Any TV Show That Treats Tech Realistically?

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I’m getting tired of computer systems that are hacked in seconds, cars hotwired like it’s no big deal, databases that instantly find criminals, and other crimes against tech. What is there to watch for some realism?

I know that entertainment requires a suspension of disbelief and that a lot of the limitations (and actual speed) of our technology doesn’t exactly make for must-see TV. But lately I’ve been rolling my eyes through too many scenes on too many shows that hinge on technical miracles that flat-out don’t exist, or if they do, should take many hours or days or weeks to process. I’m not talking about science fiction here, but shows set in our everyday world, only with resources that vastly outstrip what actual exists.

Surely there’s some drama inherent in true-to-life tech struggles. Keyboard smashing for 10 seconds and gaining an insta-hack with all the answers is just starting to feel like lazy plotting. Please tell me there are some shows out there where technology functions somewhat like it does in the real world. Because I don’t seem to be finding it, and I’d like to start. What’s on?


Top image: Maybe I should just go back to binging on Star Trek

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