Tell Us Your Stories About Nightmare IT Workers

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By popular demand, our topic is your most terrible colleagues, and we’re also opening this one up for anyone to tell us about their encounters with the IT department.


As our ongoing series demonstrates, IT is a profession wrought with perils: difficult work situations, frustrating phone calls, the hazards that come with being employed by a start-up or a corporate giant. Many of your stories have been about incompetent management and are-you-kidding-me expectations from the boss, but we’ve seen a whole bunch where your fellow workers aren’t helping—or are the direct cause of your midday headache.

I’ve also heard requests from non-IT commenters that they be able to chime in about interactions with IT workers who seemed to go out of their way to make the experience unpleasant. This brought to mind Jimmy Fallon’s old SNL sketch Nick Burns, Your Company’s Computer Guy:

So tell us your tales of baffling behavior from coworkers and head-scratching visits with the IT department in the comments. If you have a lot to say or your teammates know your commenting account, you can always send an anonymous email to

Top image: Nick Burns SNL


I would just like to preempt any comments from any of my users with an innocent little reminder that I have full and unfettered access to your Active Directory account, and by extension, your entire reason to be.*





EDIT: I really meant that to be funny, but wondered afterwards if it would come off that way to anyone working outside of IT. Maybe even jokes like that work to perpetuate the cliche of unhelpful IT people (if so, shame on me).

I left it in but added this blurb to say, just talk to your IT people like people. Except for the terminally stupid or self-destructive IT people, we really aren’t out to make your life difficult; we sometimes just don’t understand when you explain the problem, but OUR entire reason to be is to fix stuff when it breaks (yes, even your printer...again).