Is This Our First Look at Accessories for the iPhone 5's New Dock Connector? (Updated)

Well this could be something. iLounge is reporting that it's got images of accessories made for the iPhone 5's new dock connector. And at first glance, they seem to confirm a lot of what we've been hearing about it.

The images look like they're from Scosche, a third party accessories maker. They abide by the 9-pin design that has been floating around for a few weeks now, and a picture of the bottom of a new case seems to give away a dock connector that's significantly smaller than the current one, or even a 19-pin connector.


This isn't the first time we've seen similar connector parts, with eight standard pins and one along the side. And the most compelling piece of evidence is probably still the reference to "9pin" in iOS 6 code, found by 9to5mac.

Still, these could easily be mockups made to spec based on leaked images. Sort of like what happened last year, with all the "iPhone 5" cases that showed up months in advance. Heck, China's already bootlegging the whole phone. But there have been enough component leaks over the past several months that at this point, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if these are legit. [iLounge]


Update: We were asked by Scosche to remove the images, which are "renderings of potential, unannounced products and are the sole property of Scosche Inc.". We have complied.

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