China's Already Knocking Off the iPhone 5

Illustration for article titled Chinas Already Knocking Off the iPhone 5

According to highly suspect rumors website, an industrious Chinese company has already copied the design for the iPhone 5—even before we officially know what the iPhone 5 looks like. Meet the Goophone i5, the bastard child of cobbled together rumors and unyielding ambition.

If you ignore the buzzing Android bug (?) on the back of the Goophone i5 it could easily be what many people think Apple's newest iPhone will look like. At the very least it has the rumored two-tone back design. But where most believe the new iPhone will have a taller design than its predecessor, the dimensions of the Goophone i5 are the same as those on the old 4x3, 3.5-inch iPhone 4S. Oh well. It seems even counterfeiters aren't willing to fully place their bets based on supposedly leaked specs. [ via MacRumors]

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if you look close to the edges, i think they just took some grey paper, printed some logos and stuck it to the back of existing 4S. :)