iSeat Recliner Advances Sitting Technology With a Built-in iPhone Dock: Your Move La-Z-Boy

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If there was ever a reason to be worried about being technologically one-upped by China, this iSeat is it. While our craftsman have only concerned themselves with comfort, their engineers have integrated speakers and an iPhone dock into this recliner.

But that's not all. Not only have they cracked the armrest matrix—somehow finding a way for both a drink holder and a music dock to co-exist in the same piece of furniture—they've also managed to find a place to squeeze Bluetooth hardware in there too, without compromising comfort. Don't have an iPhone? The chair probably isn't for you, but the inclusion of an SD slot and USB port allow music to be loaded from other sources as well.

Now I'd fully expect that a recliner as pimped out as this one to come with a price tag in the thousands of dollars. But somehow they're asking just $400 for it. I have to assume they're taking a hit on every chair and are making their money back in leather polish sales. That, or it's just not as awesome as this product shot makes it out to be. [Easy Link Furniture]