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We all saw how well the Windows XP on Intel Mac contest worked, so why not do something similar for the iSight? As you may know, the iSight is the popular Apple webcam that may be discontinued, due to all the new machines—iMac, MacBook, MacBookPro—coming with a built in iSight. Ignoring the Mac Mini of course.


So, this user wants to use the iSight mic on his Windows XP machine. Problem? No drivers. He's offering the same kind of bounty—people pitch in, winner collects, everyone wins—for someone to create an iSight driver and release it into open source. The pot's for Win XP only, but if someone wants to make a Vista version that's outside the requirements of this contest. Hackers have 6 months to make a driver, or he's going to return everyone's money. Get to work.


iSight Microphone Windows XP Driver Competition [Mark 2000]

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everything for a PC indeed does NOT work for a mac. Go to any best buy and pick up a webcam off the shelf. i defy you to find one that works on a mac.

My point exactly is that as a mac user I've gone years without alternatives to peripherals and expansions like webcams and sound cards, and nobody's put any effort into doing anything about that. God forbid you had an old mac without an airport card and wanted to make it wireless. There are only precious few solutions available, and even less actual 'support'. But the second there's a pretty device that's superior to most things out there the windows camp is all like "gimme gimme gimme!" Crap on that.