It May be Digital, But Rolleiflex's MiniDigi Twin Lens Reflex Has All the Charm of the Original

As you point this Rolleiflex, your subject won't know your dirty little secret—that you're actually shooting a digital photo, rather than film. Just like the original TLRs, you look down into the lens—or 1.1-inch LCD, in this case.

The crank on the side needs to be turned for every photo, and just like with the film TLRs, the photos come out in a square shape, rather than the rectangles digital cameras normally produce. There were dozens of 6x6, medium-format and 35mm models, and while they differed in many ways, none had a 5MP sensor like this digital one. You can pick one up on Amazon for $270 in either black or red—don't worry, I won't blab about your naughty little digital secret. [Amazon and Amazon via PetaPixel]


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