It Scoops, Measures, and Spreads—Is This the World's Greatest Spoon?

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The 'until it's covered' approach to spreadable toppings only works until diets or recipes call for specific measurements. At that point you either reach for multiple utensils, or the transforming Scoop spoon which handles all of the above with gusto.

Quirky's latest creation is a flat spreader with a set of "living hinges" that allow it to fold up into a measuring spoon, so you can dole out the exact amount of peanut butter, cream cheese, or mayo. A set of labeled lines marks off teaspoon and tablespoon measurements, and thin grip strips on either side ensures it's not going to fall out of your hand while scooping or spreading like you're playing the inept user in an infomercial.


Pricing is to be determined once the Scoop goes into production, but it's safe to assume it will be on the reasonable side. After all, it's still just a spoon. [Quirky]