It Should Be Illegal to Watch Old People React to Virtual Reality Porn

We've seen ordinary people react to immersive pornography viewed on the Samsung VR headset. What would your grandma think if she saw it? She would be scandalized right? Well, these videographers went and forced teh olds to react to VR pornography. Observe.

It seems likely that these old folks are watching is 180-degree video that's responsive to your head movements. So you can look around a scene, but it's not exactly interactive. The people you watch do not respond to your behavior. It's more like a wraparound movie.

That doesn't make the experience any less intense! Porn movies are crazy too. The point is that virtual reality and porn are on a collision course. Pornography production studios are spending an assload to develop the tech that will be used to make immersive and interactive porn better and better.

This video has it all: The dirty old man, the woman who has seen it all before, the horny grandpa, the woman who has apparently never seen anything at all before, and my personal favorite, the all-knowing amateur sex therapist.


Just try not to think about your parents/grandparents watching porn. I mean just look at this:

I can't unsee that!

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79 year old is like "Where's the kinky stuff?"