It Takes Just 10 Seconds To Recharge This Incredibly Tiny RC R2-D2

In a remarkable feat of miniaturized engineering, Takara Tomy has created a tiny R2-D2 toy that stands just over an inch tall but can still be steered around your desk using an equally small lightsaber remote control.


Using the lightsaber controller as its charging base, R2-D2 needs just 10 seconds of recharging for around 40 seconds of exploration that includes rolling forward, and turning while reversing. Takara Tomy has even managed to squeeze an extra motor in there so that Artoo’s dome swivels back and forth while he rolls around, complete with beeping, blooping sound effects and lights. It will be available come August for around $30—restraining bolt not included. [Takara Tomy via Toy People]

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