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It Took a Surprising Amount of Work to Create Eleven's Signature Haircut in Stranger Things

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Millie Bobby Brown is so good in Stranger Things that it’s hard to believe she’s only 12. The actress behind Eleven shared a video showing her getting Eleven’s short, short haircut; I had assumed it was as simple as just shaving it off, but it turns out there was a rather complicated cutting regimen.


As an extra-cool bit of information tying this summer’s obsession to last summer’s: Stranger Things creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer told Entertainment Weekly that Millie and her parents were a bit hesitant about shaving her head, but Mad Max: Fury Road saved the day. “[W]e pulled out a magazine photograph of Charlize Theron as Furiosa and showed it to Millie. ‘Charlize looks totally badass, right?’ Millie agreed; Charlize looked badass. And that was it: She agreed to buzz it all off.”

And now the video seems even cooler now.