'It Was an Almighty Boom': Car Explosion Chalked Up to Excessive Air Freshener Use

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Photo: West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

Let this serve as a lesson for those who mask the smell of smoke in their car with an exorbitant amount of air freshener spray.

A driver in West Yorkshire reportedly destroyed his black sedan Saturday afternoon by lighting a cigarette after unloading a can of aerosol air freshener, according to the local police and fire departments.

“When the driver lit a cigarette the outcome was dramatic,” the West Yorkshire fire department wrote on Twitter.


“The fumes exploded and blew out his windscreen, along with some windows at nearby business premises,” West Yorkshire Police of Halifax said in a statement posted on Facebook, explaining why there was a road closure on Fountain Street.

“It was an almighty boom,” one Facebook commenter responded. “We watched his windscreen and window glass fall from the sky.”

Bystanders observed that the man climbed out of his car after he inadvertently turned it into a bomb and detonated it. Paramedics treated the man at the scene, and he sustained minor injuries, according to the Manchester Evening News.


“The owner, fortunately, sustained only minor injuries but this could have been worse,” police said in a statement, which pleaded to other air freshener-using smokers: “Please can members of the public be careful and follow guidelines when using air freshener.”


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Apocalypse Cow

Was expecting an article on the combustible properties of dangly pine tree air fresheners when hung from the rear view mirror in excessive quantities ... am disappoint.