It Was Only a Matter of Time: A Facebook "Like" Inspired Oven Mit

Illustration for article titled It Was Only a Matter of Time: A Facebook Like Inspired Oven Mit

I guess you can't blame a company for cashing in on a catchy trend. Facebook's "Like" button is everywhere, and everyone is liking stuff—as much ironically as genuinely (which can get a little weird).


Designed by Enrique Luis Sardi, and manufactured—rather impressively—in Milan, Italy, the "I Like Your Kitchen Glove" is an oven mit with, you might say, a Facebook complex.

If you like it, the glove can be purchased from Yeople, a gifty gadgety site, for roughly $19. Or, I suppose, even if you don't like it, you could still use it ironically. It's not like you don't do that already, I'm sure. [Yeople]

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Now we need a Colosseum with stereotypical Facebook users fighting to the death.