We now live in a time where kids think of calculators as just another app. But before they were even standalone electronic devices, mathematicians and engineers had to suffice with a confusing mechanical device called the slide rule. But don’t worry, this watch is much easier to use.


In the right hands a Slide Rule can crunch numbers as fast as a calculator can, but the number of people who know how to use them are dwindling. It’s not exactly a skill that makes your resume stand out these days, and definitely not a skill required to read the time on Kloker’s KLOK-01 Slide Rule Watch.

As long as you can read the hour, minute, and second numbers that currently appear underneath the watch face’s magnifier located at the 12 o’clock position, you’ll know what time it is.

So how can fans of antique mathematics get the KLOK-01 on their wrists? Unfortunately they’ll have to wait until September when Klokers launches the wearable through a Kickstarter campaign. It will be priced at $389, and only in a limited edition run of 600 pieces in yellow, gray, and indigo color schemes. So the odds of owning one are actually slim, but you’ll need a real Slide Rule to figure out how slim exactly.


[Klokers via Cool Material]

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