It's Fatally Windy in Europe Right Now

Gif source: Twitter / @jboef

A brutal storm crashed into the Dutch coast on Thursday causing gusts of wind up to 90 miles per hour. This might not have been so destructive in a place with some relief, like mountains and hills, but the Netherlands is famously flat. That led to many bad things happening to buildings and people.

The storm is dangerous. So far, there have been two confirmed deaths in the Netherlands, one caused by a fallen branch and the other by a fallen tree. Dutch police are investigating a third death that involved a man falling through a roof. It’s unclear if he was already up there or blown that way by the vicious wind.

It’s probably a good thing thing that warnings about the storm spread quickly via social media. By the time the eastern coast of the United States woke up, Twitter and Instagram were full of jaw-dropping videos, wild stuff like people getting blown through the air by these winter winds.


Sometimes the wind took people’s bicycles with them:

Meanwhile, videos of roofs getting ripped off of apartment complexes and office buildings were pervasive:


The destruction is of epic proportions. Here’s an entire warehouse losing its roof


Again, the wind is strong enough to move very large, very heavy objects. Here are some shipping containers getting tossed around like cardboard boxes:


At least this runaway Portapotty provides a little comic relief:


It will obviously take a few days to comprehend the full scale of the storm’s destruction. In the meantime, flights are delayed and trains aren’t running across northern Europe. This monster storm is wreaking havoc everywhere from Scotland to Germany. It seems like poor little Holland, land of the windmills, got the worst of it, though.

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The video from Arnout Vos is at a place in the Hague where it gets windy on the calmest of days - the Haagse Toren (Strijkijzer) is right behind him and it acts like a sail on that junction causing strong winds all around it. Adding hurricane force on top of that and yes, chasing bikes would be a thing.