It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know In Cult TV

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Click to view Yes, the television industry may be somewhat incestuous, but that's a good thing - if you're Amy Acker, at least. The Angel, Alias and Justice League Unlimited veteran has been talking about how she owes her latest role to her best friend... who just happens to go by the name Joss Whedon.Talking to SciFi Wire, Acker explained how she got the role of Dr. Claire Sanders on Whedon's new show Dollhouse:

Joss is also one of my very best friends since Angel, so he had told us about Dollhouse, and I kept telling him how jealous I was of Eliza and all the other people. And he was like, "Yeah, I wish I could write a show for my friends." And then about a week or something before they shot the pilot, my husband picked up the phone and was like, "Joss wants to know if you're going to come do the thing for Dollhouse." And I was like, "What? What's he talking about?" ...I think he was worried about having a crossover between Buffy or Angel and this, and then finally he just said, "Ultimately I kind of thought you were the right person for it." So they brought me on. And I was like, "Um, thank you," because I was asking if I could do makeup or wardrobe or something. I just wanted to be a part of it. It sounded really cool.


And for those who wonder whether the show will be similar to any previous Whedon creations, Acker says yes... again because of the incestuous nature of television:

I definitely see some similarities, just because most of the writers are people who were on Buffy or Angel or Alias [in which Acker also had a role, as an assassin] or all of those shows. So they all have such a familiarity. They're all really familiar with each other, and they all just write so well together. It'll be a little bit different, but I think the stuff that people love about the writing is all going to be there.

I can see the path to televisual domination right now. Step one: Get to know Joss Whedon. Step two: Get to know Joss Whedon. Step three... Acker Opens The Dollhouse Door [Sci Fi Wire]



I love that Joss uses the same actors in his projects. As does JJ Abrams, not to mention quite a few other directors like Judd Apatow, Tarantino, Kevin Smith and David Lynch. It's hardly a new concept in the entertainment industry. I find it endearing that these writer/directors like to keep their pals in movie projects.