It's official: SGU's side characters have stolen the show

What a surprising episode of Stargate Universe, fittingly titled "Hope." This week, the dark hallways of the Destiny were decorated with a bit of a silver lining and a lot of old faces.


We find the crew of the Destiny waiting in black silence. Did the giant bomb go off last week? Was there still a home to return to? No one knows, because the stones aren't working. So, like a boss, Young orders constant stone surveillance. Naturally, Chloe falls asleep when it's her turn, and magically Ginn floats into her body. Hello surprise cameo!

Since Ginn wasn't in her body when she was murdered, her consciousness was lost to, erm, space. But it wasn't until someone was asleep at the stones that was she able to find her way back. Although she has no memory of this, so it was just something that happened, "like a radio signal." Ah whatever, I'm happy to have her back. And not just because we called her return, but because she was cruelly ripped away from Eli before we really got to see their relationship bloom into something more! And Eli comes off like a champ in this episode. Torn because he wants to get close to Ginn physically (just a kiss) — but he can't, because it's Chloe's body. Oh and then there's the whole thing of Chloe possibly being lost in the great nothingness that is stone space forever. We go through a range of emotions with Eli in this short episode, but he keeps the pace. We're glad that when the drama calls for it, Blue can produce.

Then the plot twists. Ginn starts slowly reliving her death, like Dr. Caine's crew in that episode when SGU needed an excuse to get their shuttle back. The clock is set — we've got to save Ginn before she dies, again. We loved how ridiculously supportive Rush was of this plan when Ginn returns, naturally he was thinking of his lady, Amanda Perry, and whether or not she would return as well. She did — it was great. Happy to have her back as well, even if it's only as a download.

While watching Perry and Ginn come back and cause drama for the boys was all very exciting, the meat of this episode wasn't about dead ex-girlfriends. The heart of this weeks SGU was all Brody and Volker.

Volker is DYING. Not cool, Stargate.

Turns out Volker needs a new kidney. And if we learned anything from last week's ABC "hospital workers in the jungle get to wear sexy shorts" series, black-market kidney transplants are super hard. A kidney transplant, performed by a mere medic in space? Double dog dare hard. So Greer gets the memo that it's time for him to be a ridiculous badass again and he basically badasses his way to the top of the donor list (it also helps that he is a match but a lot of it had to do with his steely reserve and can do attitude). This also means that we got a lot of Greer and Volker hangtime, which was just like we imagined it would be, silly yet endlessly sweet.


Basically while everyone else was fake dying (Ginn and Perry), Volker was actually dying. So all the side characters had to turn out to save one of their own. And it was awesome. Seriously, just hand this show over to these people, because they continually make the story lines that we care the most about. The above scene just killed me. Sure it gets borderline laughable, but that is the point. These characters have become so dear that even now we can laugh while TJ prepares to plunge scalpel into our beloved Volker's side.

Volker goes under, TJ freaks out because she's doing a kidney transplant on a medic's training (so yeah, rightly so) and just in the nick of time Amanda and Ginn's consciousness are beamed into the Destiny via the magic chair. Perry pops up, and walks TJ through the surgery. Everyone lives — even the consciousnesses of Ginn and Perry.


Did they rely a little too heavily on the magical alien chair? Yep. Sure we guess it happened before with Franklin so that gives it some sort of established basis. It was great to see Perry and Ginn one last time before the series ends forever. Also, SGU didn't kill off Volker, and gave us a little Greer and Volker time in the giant jungle lab of Destiny. But, at the end of the day, we were just happy to get to know Volker a little better, and what was the particular moment that made him want to become a scientist.



The return of Ginn and Perry makes little sense to me.

Ginn's body was killed with Perry in it, leaving open the question of what would happen to Perry's body occupied with Ginn. The writers establish that Perry's body went toes up after Ginn's body is murdered.

In other words, the stones

- won't allow Ginn to stay in Perry's body

- don't terminate Perry's consciousness even though Ginn's body is murdered

- send both women into a netherworld where they can return to someone else's body

This makes no sense. Let's theorize that stones require a "dual" connection to function. Without Ginn's living body, the connection broke, screwing both Ginn and Perry. Fair enough. But now Ginn returns to Chloe's body - a single body connection so to speak - and sends Chloe to the stone netherworld.

This suggests Ginn should never have been forced to leave Perry's body in the first place. I guess you could argue the stress of the whole thing was what killed Perry's body, but that's sure not what the previous ep implied.