It's Time To Say Goodbye to Our Guest Illustrator

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Barely a month has passed since I asked you to welcome Wendy MacNaughton, our guest illustrator, and now it's already time to say goodbye. We loved having Wendy around and will miss her very much.

Here are some of the posts made far more beautiful by Wendy's whimsical illustrations over the course of her time with us:

If you want to keep up with Wendy and her work, you can do so by checking out her Twitter account, a Facebook page, a newsletter, a blog, or her gorgeous website. Or you can even purchase one of her works if you're so inclined.


Bye, Miss Wendy. Don't be a stranger and come back to visit us again.

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So you're saying there's an opening for an illustrator.

If I were gizmodo, I would make a contest. Make and post and have people submit illustrations for it. Winner gets to be new illustrator.