iVue: Clear iPod Case

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The iVue from iPodMods is not a traditional case that wraps around your iPod, protecting its skin from the evils of keys in your pocket. Instead, the iVue is a complete front panel replacement, displaying the iNatomy for the world to see. Then tell your friends it's a prototype or something.

"Hey man, is that an iPod?"
"No, it's way better than an iPod."
"No way. Nothing's better than an iPod."
"It reads your mind, and plays a song from your collection to compliment your mood."
"Oh my goodness! What's it playing right now?"
"It's not a song per se, just a looping voice calling you an idiot."
"Wow! It does work!"


Pricing is not set, but will be somewhere between $20-$35 with free installation.

Product Page [via tuaw]