iWork Chief May Be Leading Apple's New Textbook Service

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Apple's NYC educational event Thursday is rumored to herald its new textbook-service, but who will be leading the initiative? The WSJ reports that it will be Roger Rosner, vice president for productivity applications. Though currently in charge of the iWork software suite, he has reportedly been closely involved with the new service's development. [WSJ]



I would like to imagine Textbook as being like a very specific blend of iCloud, Newsstand, iWork, MobileMe and iWork.com

Students would have an "app" on their iPad that would pull a bundle of educational content put together by the educational institute they're attending or the courses they're signed up for. They would have access to an additional pool of iWork documents that could be uploaded by classmates and teachers, with customizable degrees of collaborative options like fillable blank spaces or publicly accessible/editable cliff notes.

Quick access to (smart) Playlists from iTunes U and maybe even a fenced off iMessage hub for easy and free communication between members, study groups, classmates and educators.

A high-tech, easy to use, all in one replacement for binders, notepads, textbooks and more.

But yeah, that's just me pipe-dreaming, I think that would be a great product, but who knows, maybe it'll just be much less spectacular and noteworthy and end up as just another content store somewhere between Newsstand and the iBook Store for downloading/purchasing/accessing educational publications, maybe with some special discounts for students.

Is there any general opinion on what it's likely to turn out as? Haven't really been following the topic O: