Ixp-Note is Post-It Note Of the Future: Digital, Alarming

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A team of designers in Britain have give the good old fashioned Post-It note a 21st Century electronic make-over. Their Ixp-Note device is a new digital version incorporating a touchpad and alarm: you just slide to select time and date, and write down what you need reminding of. When it's time, it bleeps and the little thermo-chromic ink pad changes color. Neat, hey?

Originally designed to help Alzheimer's sufferers remember things, of course their potential appeal is much wider. The 1mm thick devices are made using similar circuit printing techniques as used in musical greeting cards, so they're pretty low cost at about $2 each. They're reusable, and you won't have to worry about battery life since they apparently last up to a year.


The designers hope they'll be on sale in 2009. Better put a note up to remind you to look out for them, then. [Telegraph]