Jadoo: Supplier of Fuel Cells to the Stars

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Broadcast camerapeople are like soldiers on a battlefield, and they need batteries that won't let them down under fire. That's why they've been some of the first adopters of fuel cells, and Jadoo Power has been supplying them with this technology for the past two years. At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show next week, the company will introduce FillOne (pictured at left), a three-pound hydrogen refill station to stoke up those fuel cells fast. The company will also roll out its N-Store360 canister which can deliver 360 watt-hours of energy. That's plenty of power for professional broadcast cameras, field-ready laptops and emergency response radios.

Excuse us, but we didn't realize fuel cell batteries and technology were this far along. The company calls hydrogen fuel "readily available." It's stored as a solid in a sand-like substance called metal hydride, which acts as a sponge that absorbs the hydrogen. Looking at the company's website, the first thing you see is the infinity symbol. Now that's some long-lasting power. Could cellphones and MP3 players be next?


Product Page [Jadoo Power Systems]

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