JailBreakMe 3.0 for the iPad 2 and iOS 4.3.3 now live (Updated)

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After a false start, Comex has finally let loose with JailBreakMe 3.0. This time it's for real and not a leak.


The web-based tool works on the iPad 2 (yay!) and all iOS devices running iOS 4.3.3. So what are you waiting for, fire up your iOS device and point your mobile browser to JailbreakMe.com to get the ball rolling. As always, proceed with caution and Happy Jailbreaking!

Update: Comex did mention that his site was having web-caching issues and some people are reporting an error when they try to download the jailbreak files. He tells everyone "If it doesn't work, try tomorrow :p."

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Feel free to jail break your iOS devices, but if it's a PS3? You getting sued cause you a dirty pirate! /sarcasm.

Sorry, I'm all excited for this news, but being so close to the geohot case ending really makes you think about how slanderous sony was, and ignorant the judge was.