Jailbroken iPhone 4 and iPod Touch Run Limited Siri

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A hacker group has successfully ported Siri over to jailbroken iPhone 4's and 4th-gen iPod touches, marking the beginning of what could be a "whack a mole" response from Apple as it attempts to block the 4S's "killer feature."


The crack comes courtesy Steve Troughton-Smith and Grant Paul, who published their achievement via the Twitters, complete with screenshots (9to5Mac interviewed the pair last night with additional details).

According to Troughton-Smith, the hack was created with a single line of code and a barrage of filesystem changes. Details of the hack are forthcoming, he said, once it's confirmed to work with the iPhone 4 and iPod touch in such a way that does break everything in a spectacular fashion. No release date for the Siri hack was given.

That Apple has probably taken note of this (even in private) is an understatement—the voice-activated Siri is at the center of the current iPhone 4S marketing campaign. This "exclusive" feature appears to be anything but. [AppleInsider]


Okay, I'm still not decided; was the 4S exclusivity of Siri just a business decision (lack of other significant standout features over the 4) or are there any technical necessities that it has to run on the 4S?

The more I read about Siri the more I get the impression that on the device-side it's just a rather "dumb" client that is just a good speech recognition. It's not like we carry little Watson computers in our pockets, the brain is on the servers and therefore all devices that could communicate with it could be this "smart".