Illustration for article titled Jailed Cyber Criminal Joins Prisons Computer Class, Hacks Its Network

When one of Britain's biggest cyber criminals was jailed in 2011, officials thought they'd be safe from his internet attacks. But then he managed to sneak into a prison computer class and hack the jail's network.


Nicholas Webber, pictured above, was jailed for five years in 2011 for running a large-scale internet crime site, called Ghost Market, that creamed almost $750,000 from 3,500 credit cards. Sadly, prison employees didn't seem too aware of his history.

Reports describe that Michael Fox, who ran a series of computer classes at the prison, allowed Weber to join in. Big mistake: he eventually hacked his way into the jail's computer network, causing "major panic". Turns out he did little harm, but that's hardly the point. Which is why Fox is no longer teaching at the prison.


Currently the tutor is fighting a legal battle claiming unfair dismissal—and, with any luck, Weber is being kept away from computers. [Daily Mail via CNET via Verge]

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