James Kirk's Earliest Challenge, In J.J. Abrams' Star Trek

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Welcome to our spoiler orgy. A tantalizing new report on some Star Trek footage gives away one or two new plot twists, including which classic characters don't get assigned to the Enterprise right away. Another batch of new Dark Knight footage shows a few new dimensions to the Joker's batshit-insanity. And a new Doctor Who clip reveals that the Daleks have lost one of their few weaknesses. There are also even more new Transformers 2 set reports, and a minor spoiler for G.I. Joe. And Tim Kring wants you to know some mushy thematic stuff about Heroes season three. The spoiler orgy is always here when you need it.

Star Trek:

Harry from Ain't It Cool News saw about 7 minutes of rough footage from the Star Trek reboot, and he posted some descriptions. First he saw a scene of baby Spock being cradled by Sarek and Amanda (Winona Ryder) on Vulcan. Then he saw a sequence involving the Kelvin, that Federation ship 25 years before the Enterprise's time. The shot starts as a close-up, then pans back to show the ship (with a saucer and one nacelle above and one below) against an angry sun. Then we glimpse inside the ship, which looks like an old submarine.


Then he saw a scene in a hangar, with cadets massing around shuttlecrafts waiting to hear what starships they'd be assigned to. Leonard McCoy gets assigned the Enterprise, but Uhura doesn't. And Kirk demands to know why his name wasn't called at all - turns out he's still in trouble over that Kobayashi Maru training-simulation stunt he pulled, and his future in Starfleet is at stake. McCoy helps Kirk to get on a ship, in a funny scene that shows their chemistry developing. Meanwhile, Uhura confronts Spock over her assignment to a ship other than the Enterprise.

And then there was a scene on the Enterprise bridge, commanded by Captain Pike, with Sulu at the helm. The Enterprise bridge and uniforms look like "classic Trek," but everything is more functional. (Harry's description explains more what he means by that.) [Ain't It Cool News]


The Dark Knight:

Here's another new trailer for the Batman film The Dark Knight, and a blurry scene of Batman and the Joker playing chicken that showed during Entertainment Tonight. [Wired]

Plus there's more speculation that the Joker kills Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal) by dropping her off a tall building. [Topless Robot]


And here's a clip from the direct-to-DVD animated anthology spin-off, Gotham Knight, that went up on MTV Movies the other day. [MTV Movies]

Doctor Who:

Here's another clip from Saturday's Doctor Who, showing a scene we've already described in some detail before. [Spoiler TV]

G.I. Joe:

Brendan Fraser confirms he has a brief cameo in G.I. Joe in a "training scene." [MTV Movies]


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Remember that Transformers 2 scene we mentioned, where Sam goes to class and starts freaking out and writing equations? More details have come out. Apparently, it's the Astronomy 101 class taught by Professor Colon (played by Rainn Wilson) who also wrote the class' textbook. The prof tells the class to turn to page one, but Sam reads the entire page in seconds, then starts telling the professor which parts are wrong. Then he gives a speech about what Einstein got wrong as well. He demands to know why nobody understands him, then finally leaves. (The second day, he comes back to class, but acts less nuts.) Meanwhile, he also warns Mikaela not to touch "it" (a piece of the Allspark?) maybe because of the effect it had on him. [The Movie Blog]


Meanwhile, a call-sheet from Transformers 2 turned up a couple of weeks ago, and I don't think we blogged it at the time. It gives more details about that Shanghai steel mill sequence that was filmed in Pennsylvania. A strike force in Hummers and Trikes pulls off its hazmat suits. Meanwhile, an ice cream truck rolls up to some kids and they run to get treats, but the truck splits in half and spins away from them, leaving some treats behind. (This is the Decepticon known as the Twins.) Then the three motorcycles that make up Arcee roar past the ice-cream truck. So do an Audi R8, the Hummers, the Stingers and the Trikes. The Twins chase the R8 into an alley, then crash and split in two again.

There's also a scene at the Smithsonian where Sam, Mikaela and Simmons sneak in, using a radiation detector to find the hidden Decepticon Jetfire. Along with a Transformer named Wheels. They find Jetfire, but he transforms and it sounds like he escapes. [Comic Book Movie]



Heroes producer Tim Kring gives some hints about season three. The questions the show originally asked, about identity and how people are connected, and where all these powers are coming from, all get turned on their head "in an interesting way" in season three. Unibrowed ubervillain Sylar will be an integral part of the whole season, and won't be going anywhere any time soon. [Sci Fi Wire]