James Spader On Playing The Avengers' 8-Foot Tall Robot Villain Ultron

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Robert Downey Jr. called James Spader's Avengers 2 storyline "the best bad guy plot I've ever read." But what does Ultron himself think? We got a brief interview with James Spader at Comic-Con, and here's what the actor had to say about his debut as a Marvel's next Big Bad.

How did you get involved with this project?

James Spader: I had met with Kevin [Feige] several years ago about the idea of doing some Marvel movie. Every so often there were some conversations over the years, "maybe this, maybe that." We both had agreed to really try and wait and find just the right thing.


Then Joss came in to do Avengers 2, and ironically enough even though we had already talking about trying to find something, Joss came in and said, "I want James to play Ultron." And Kevin said, "Well funny you should say that becauseā€¦ we've been looking for something." And Joss called me and Kevin called and they said it was an 8-foot robot. And I said, "What can I bring to that?" And Joss said, "Everything that we can possibly get you to bring, or less if need be. If you want to have us capture the entire performance physically and you're willing to do that we would like to do that." And I said "I'm all in." Whatever it is that's what I would like to do. So that's what we did.

And so I was really excited because I, first of all, was going to be working on something that not only the material and the world that I was going to be inhabiting was going to be so different for me. But also the process of making the film was going to be an entirely new thing for me. An entirely new experience, and something that I really had no comprehension of before starting it.

Talking to Hero Central, Spader also discussed whether or they've wrapped his work as Ultron yet and how the role changed him:

I heard you're going to be doing some motion capture?

"I think they're shooting over there still for the next couple of weeks. I was talking to Chris Hemsworth who is going back to finish shooting and Paul Bettany has been shooting. And they were saying they were going to wrap sometime in August, and I thought "I'm not wrapped yet." We already have made a little date Joss and I for more motion capture to be done, in probably the fall. And more things that are actually scripted that we'll have to capture on a motion capture stage."

"It's entirely new to me, this whole process has been an incredibly exciting challenge. To try something like this where not only were the characters so unique to me. But just making the film was incomprehensible to me. And then all of a sudden I've started to really fall into it in a way... just from doing it, just jumping in you know? "


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