Japanese DVD Program Teaches Confidence By Staring At Women For 96 Minutes

Continuing our weirdness from Japan theme, a company called Avex has just released a DVD that teaches men to be more confident by staring at 50 different women for an hour and a half. Most Japanese men do this already, but instead of the women being in various states of undress, these women are just plain staring back at you, right in the eye, in a sort of glowering manner.


This method seems like it'd work in theory. Being able to withstand a woman staring at you angrily for minutes at a time is a skill you have to work on developing. 96 minutes is a long time, however, and Mark Wilson says he only needs about 4 minutes. [Crunchinatrix]

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If you think it is creepy watching it, imagine having to be the person getting filmed for the DVD.

"I am doing what? Really? Just staring at the camera? For 96 minutes? What are guys really going to be doing with this video? Do they really need 96 minutes?"