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Sleepy heads in japan can pay a few bucks to have this extreme morning wake up service get their morning started faster than you can say mcdonaldscoffeeburningmycrotch.

For about 8 bucks an attendant will vacuum your face, for 4 bucks, they'll shove wasabi in your nose, and for 15 bucks they'll drip wax on your nipples. Cool, but in America, we can pay $100 bucks to be woken by a girl who pops out of a cake and gives lapdances.


Anyhow, here's a video of a guy being vacuumed til he's up. Man does he look annoyed.

Cake smash!


Dumping goo on his face. Not man-goo.

Making shaved ice on his head.

Alarm Service [via Pink Tentacle]