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Japanese Not Excited About Being Told to Buy 3DTVs

Illustration for article titled Japanese Not Excited About Being Told to Buy 3DTVs

A survey of 8,957 Japanese consumers found they're not thrilled about the entertainment industry demanding they upgrade TVs again, with nearly 70% saying they have "no plans" to buy a 3DTV for their homes.


"Television makers' expectations for 3D are high but looking at the degree of interest among consumers, there is a big gap with the enthusiasm of manufacturers" said Tsuyoshi Kamada, from survey-taker The main reasons given for the negativity were the expense, the silly glasses, the expense of the silly glasses and the clear current lack of 3D content. [Reuters via VG247]


Image Credit: LG's Flickr (yes, we know LG is Korean, but that's a lovely photograph)

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My problem is that their is a frame around content which is supposed to be imersive. Every time my eyes travel over the bezel or the edge of the theater screen, I feel really let down. They should forgoe the displays and put all the hardware in the glasses, since youre going to be wearing them anyway. 3D goggles have been around for a long time in one form or another. I wouldn't even mind if the resolution were fairly low in the beginning. When everything's moving around resolution gets noticed less than in a still image.

The industry should focus on that and great content. Then, x-years down the road we'll *crosses fingers* have the T and C sockets to get fully immersed.