QR codes were supposed to save us all the hassle of manually typing long URLs on our smartphones, but do you actually know anyone who actively uses them? Or even someone who's even downloaded a QR code reader to their phone? We sure as hell don't:

Jesus: do people really use QR codes anymore?
Sam B.: no, never
Jesus: I've never used a QR code in my life
Sam B.: especially not people at JC penney
Barrett: we can do to make fun of it
Jesus: One day I tried and I was like "f*ck this sh*t"
Barrett: because seriously wtf


Advertising agencies seem to love them though, slapping them on posters and magazine ads, which is probably the only reason why JCPenney is introducing these QR code Santa Tags. You're supposed to stick them to a gift, scan the code and then leave a 60 second personalized message for the giftee, who then has to jump through all the same hoops to hear it played back. As an alternate idea, why not try using your phone's pre-installed phone app to simply call the person on Christmas morning? [PSFK]

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