Jeff 'Magic Wall' Han on The Daily Show, Exposes CNN's Nefarious Multitouch Conspiracy

Click to viewWe're not the only ones obsessed with CNN's over-the-top magic wall, which they use in equal measure to cover elections, entertain babies and just fill time — fake TV news has been milking it for all it's worth. Now The Daily Show is on the case, and they've sent John Oliver to talk to Jeff Han, the man behind CNN's recent multitouch renaissance. What he finds aren't easy answers to his questions, but an unexpected mix of new technology, furtive military operations and terrifying, omnipresent newsreaders. This is bigger than CNN's secret baseballso much bigger. [The Daily ShowThanks, Rafael]



I've always kind of thought that guy was a douche. I was sort of sad when I saw it was him.