JJ Abrams has solved that awesome 8th Grader's Star Wars Algebra

Remember Cody Swanek's cute, Star Wars themed Maths problem from last week? Well, it took Mr Abrams a while to figure out the answer, but he got in touch with Cody to let him know - and ponder a separate mathematical question as well.


Abrams got in touch with Cody after his puzzle hit the web - although the Director admits it took him a while to solve - and offered the youngster another maths puzzle to figure out. This one's a bit tougher than Cody's creative problem though:

If you can't read JJ's handwriting, here's the maths problem for you to ponder yourself:


If I needed to hire passage to the Alderaan system at a rate of 17,000 credits a day - and had to travel 12 Parsecs at a velocity of 1500 times the speed of light, how much would this trip cost me? This, I think, is the real issue here.


Hoo boy. Maths isn't my strongest suit (suffice to say there's a reason I'm paid to write, not add things up), but considering a single Parsec is 1.91735116 × 1013 miles, those are some big numbers JJ's talking about. You guys wanna have a crack at figuring it out yourselves?

[Topless Robot via Neatorama]

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