John McAfee Wants You To Stop Using Google

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John "Crazy" McAfee, the creator of the barely-passable virus-scanning program, has called upon people to resist Google" to protect their privacy. Thankfully, he still has his clothes on in this one.

McAfee was speaking at the Defcon security conference earlier this month, where he made a surprise appearance.

"Google … would like us to believe that if we have nothing to hide, we should not mind if everybody knows everything that we do," he said. "If everybody knew everything about everybody else, what would human behavior become? You need to think this through."


We cannot have intrusions into our lives and still have freedom, McAfee added, and ended with a rousing: "Freedom is all I have. And it's all you have, if you think about it."

Catch his full speech over at the BBC. [BBC via VentureBeat]

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Sleestak Chopra

Sometimes crazy people are dead bang on. He's 100% right, we've all traded privacy for convenience.