America's cities haven't devolved into a post-apocalyptic hellscape yet, but they do seem to be teetering on the brink of literal collapse. And no one in Congress seems to care enough to do a damn thing anything about it.

Obviously the mere mention of the word "infrastructure" doesn't exactly send tingles shooting up anyone's spine, but the fact that the nation's bridges, roads, and dams seem to be constantly on the brink of collapse should.


Of course, no one wants to spend the tax dollars necessary to get us out of our long-overlooked mess. And while John Boehner has been spent years hollering that we need to turn things around, his refusal to back the necessary tax increase necessary makes that a little difficult.

What's more, when Last Week Tonight tried to reach out to Boehner for some concrete examples of his actual plans, they were met with a big ol' silence. Leaving them to resort Twitter.


Maybe try Snapchat next.

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