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John Wesley Shipp's Flash Will Appear on Stargirl, Further Exploring CW's Multiverse

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
John Wesley Shipp is flashing over to Stargirl.
John Wesley Shipp is flashing over to Stargirl.
Photo: The CW

A Flash from the past, as well as the present, is about to change the future of the Arrowverse once again.

John Wesley Shipp, already well-known as the Barry Allen Flash of the 1990 live-action show, will soon reprise his role as the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, who he previously portrayed on the CW’s The Flash. (Yeah, there are a lot of Flashes running around.) Needless to say, he’ll once again play Jay Garrick, but this time in an unusual setting: season two of Stargirl....which just happens to live on the CW now.


Shipp, of course, also played our current TV Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) father almost 25 years after his ‘90s series on the current CW Flash show, on top of his Jay Garrick duty (multiverses!) in later seasons, but now, according to Entertainment Weekly we know he’ll play Jay once more. EW says the CW calls it “a pivotal flashback episode” of Stargirl which will establish “the Golden Age Flash as a member of Earth-2's Justice Society of America.”

EW also wrote the casting will act as a “miniature crossover” which will help make Stargirl (Brec Bassinger) an official part of the “post-Crisis CWverse alongside” the networks’ other established superhero fare. But it’s unclear if Stargirl’s Jay is the same one we’ve come to know on The Flash—after all, it was ultimately revealed that Jay actually came from Earth-3, and had been captured by the sinister Hunter Zolomon when we first really met him. Even if you watch all of these shows, that’s admittedly a little confusing. There are multiple different Earths, multiple version of characters, maybe even connections to the movies. It’s a lot!


To be fair, we sort of already considered Stargirl (and even DC Universe’s Titans and more) part of the CW’s multiverse already considering the most recent crossover, Crisis on Infinite Earths, showed us brief glimpses of other Earths during its climax—and Stargirl (aka Courtney Whitmore) and pals were said to exist on Earth-2.

But there’s plenty of time to figure it out (and whether or not other series will feel any ripple effects from Crisis). The second season of Stargirl does not yet have a start date, and Shipp’s appearance won’t be until the ninth episode of the upcoming season.


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