Joss Whedon Is Set to Direct a Standalone Batgirl Movie

Image: DC Comics.
Image: DC Comics.

Batgirl is coming to DC’s cinematic universe, and she’s got one hell of a name directing her: Joss Whedon himself.


Confirmed by Variety today, Whedon is closing in on a deal to write, direct, and produce Barbara Gordon’s entry into DC’s cinematic universe. There’s no other information on the movie at all—other than the fact that other Gotham-based characters could appear alongside Barbara—but Variety describes the project as Warner Bros’ “second” female-led DC superhero movie after Wonder Woman, which might seemingly indicate that this movie is coming sooner than David Ayer’s planned Gotham City Sirens spinoff from Suicide Squad. Variety also notes, however, that plans are still in the very earliest stages—apparently the project has only begun moving forward at Warner Bros. within the last month.

While the news of Barbara Gordon getting her movie dues is definitely welcome, there’s mixed feelings to be had about Whedon’s role in guiding the character—especially in part because of the backlash he received for the treatment of Black Widow in Avengers: Age of Ultron, a character Whedon has expressed a desire to return to despite the intense controversy over his decisions with her storyline in that movie. Plus, there’s something to be said unfortunately that a movie starring one of DC’s most popular female heroes is, unlike Wonder Woman, potentially being helmed by a man.

We’ll bring you more about Warner Bros.’ plans for Batgirl as we learn them.

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Angrier Geek

Rather than dwell on whether or not this is good or bad news (good, because it will most definitely get made, Whedon has enough clout to tell Snyder to go fuck himself and could honestly take over steering the ship; bad because of Whedon-tendencies) what does this message send to Marvel? He was pretty open about the stress they put on him mico-managing Age of Ultron. Can this be anything less than a big “fuck you” to the Marvel/Disney machine?

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